Rail Safety School Presentation Questionnaire

*Note: Questionnaire MUST be completed after your school has participated in a Rail Safety Presentation and BEFORE Scheduling a Rail Safety Orientation Tour/Trip.

Please answer all questions that apply to you.

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.       Rail line closest to your school:                  
Scheduling the presentation:

1.       The initial contact email and/or phone call:                  

2.       Were there any challenges in scheduling a presentation?                  

3.       If so, what were the challenges in scheduling a presentation?                  

4.       The presenter was clear and easy to understand?                  

5.       The presenter engaged well with the audience?                  

6.       The presenter appeared knowledgeable about the subject?                  

7.       What was the biggest take away from the presentation?                  

8.       How could this presentation be improved? (Choose all that apply)                  

9.       After the presentation was completed,were you provided with enough information needed to schedule a Rail Safety Orientation Tour/Trip?                  

10.       Additional comments:                  
Thank you for your feedback!
Please continue to fill out the Rail Safety Orientation Tour/Trip Request Form.

Please allow for 3-4 days to process your trip request.